Korean dragon

Korean dragon - a type of mythological snake that is common in Korean mythology. The Korean dragon has some specific differences, which do not have dragons of other cultures. The closest relative of the Korean Dragon, both in appearance and in cultural significance - a Chinese dragon.

korean dragonWhereas most dragons in Western mythology, is usually associated with the destruction by fire, Korean dragons in the myths usually act as positive beings who protect reservoirs and rice fields. It is believed that the Korean dragons bring rain to the earth. Korean dragons live in water - rivers, lakes, oceans or deep mountain pools.

The mention of the Korean dragon is very common both in Korean mythology and the art of Koreans. In politics, the Korean dragon symbolizes the emperor. Therefore, the Korean emperor was allowed to wear jewelry with a dragon logo.

In the ancient tales can often find mention of speaking Korean dragons, dragons, capable of experiencing such complex human emotions such as kindness, loyalty and gratitude.

The Korean dragon has no wings, but has a long beard. This distinguishes it from many other cultures dragons.

As for Chinese Dragon, the main number of Korean dragons - nine. According to legend, on their backs 81 (= 9x9) scale.

korean dragon in Seul