Dragon and Feng Shui

dragon Feng Shui

The purpose of a mascot

Promotes career growth, financial success, protects people from unscrupulous partners, competitors and even from evil people. As a symbol of a pronounced energy yang dragon protector of the strong half of humanity. Guardian of the East represents the awakening of the forces of nature, growth and new beginnings. Living inside the house, the Dragon will bring money into it.

Dragon should be placed on the left side of the door (if you look from home), in an ideal scheme, place the dragon - East. Welcome location in the room (for the introduction of Janska energy). Talisman should be put on the stand, pedestal or elevation, but the Dragon should not be taller than a person, because then it will not protect a person, but to manipulate them.

Activating mascot

Awaken the dragon to life, that is to intensify the mascot, we can, "opened" his eyes with a simple ritual. Identify on the Chinese calendar day of the dragon, and in the morning, between seven and nine hours your local time (this time the dragon), with a new brush and black ink put points on the eye figurines or dragons. During the execution of the rite dragon must look to the east. You can also symbolically sanctify the eyes dragon incense sticks.

Legend has it

Ching Loon - a very strong magical animal and, most significantly the creation of heaven in Chinese mythology. Azure Dragon is the keeper of the East and a harbinger of good changes in my life. Dragon - a symbol of imperial power in China, on the mantle of the emperor is always represented by five-fingered Imperial Dragon.

In general, the Chinese dragon - a symbol of their nation and all the best, so his image and all sorts of figures in China extremely popular. It is believed that the art of feng shui owes its appearance of the dragon, for rising from the waters of the Yellow Dragon, decorated with alternating dashes on the back, prompted the sage and pervouchitelya Shi Fu at the opening of characters that could be described immediately all existing philosophical concepts. So there denoting all processes and objects of the symbols of yin and yang and the famous "Book of Changes", and then the concept of ba-gua and other fundamental for Feng Shui methods.

Story master of Feng Shui

The presence of water dragon awakens and forces him to breathe invaluable chi energy. You can hang a dragon figurine next to the aquarium or even in the kitchen at the sink, as water from the tap represents a clean water flowing into your home. In this case, the mascot should look in the direction of the toilet or bathtub, and even more so - to be there. Otherwise your luck and your money will go to you. There is no place in the south of the Dragon - Fire in the sector. Ideal option mascot - a dragon made of jade, stone green. In general, the material (glass, copper, wood, etc.) for the dragon is not as important as the color - it should be all shades of green and blue. Dragon, introduced in the dwelling for the purpose of change, could lead for a change not only the best, but for the worse. Therefore it is necessary to restrain his impulses, and this portion wise Turtles, beautiful Phoenix and constant antagonist of the Dragon-Tiger (with good feng shui dragon always controls the Tiger, and vice versa). In addition, the mascot should not be too big, because if the dragon will take a dominant position in your home, its energy begins to acquire an unbalanced character. Symbolically, the Dragon can replace the plant, better living, but the fit and artificial, if only it was green, and if the plant is blooming, it's better with blue or blue flowers, but in any case not holly and prickly.

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