Vietnamese dragon

Vietnamese dragon has no wings, but he can fly thanks to the extraordinary abilities of movement. He is a symbol of creative power and thinking.
     The image of a purely Vietnamese dragon appeared in the 10 th century. On top of his spine were arranged ridges that look like flames, on each paw was four claws. Dragon in that period was like a fish and a snake at the same time, he had a long body and head.

      In the Middle Ages the dragon was regarded as a symbol of the emperor. It is widely represented on many royal tombs and religious temples. Dragon at the time had a great body and head with horns, mustache and beard, and large scales, thick mane along the entire body from head to tail, long and powerful legs with long, sharp claws.
     Vietnamese dragon is the ruler of the seas, but can soar into the sky. He is able to greatly increase or decrease its size. When the dragon grows, it pushes the clouds and creates a fog, but when reduced - loses its shape and becomes invisible. A dragon can move in space, sink to the bottom of the oceans.
Dragon - the founder of the Vietnamese people.

Vietnamese dragon

Name the capital of Vietnam, Hanoi, means "City of ascending dragon." Name is located to the east of the bay is translated as "Bay landed the dragon", because a chain of picturesque islands on the horizon like the Gulf of dragon's back.

       The image of the dragon is often used in Vietnamese folk art, in literature, theater, and in contemporary life - in the names of products, businesses, hotels, clubs, teas, portray him on the carved furniture, in carpets, paintings, stucco and other household items.

       According to feng shui, the figure of a dragon in the house guarding him and banishes him from evil spirits. It should be put in the eastern part of the house that she was above the images of other animals. Okay, so the window was visible dragon pond or water is nearby, as its presence should awaken the dragon, and induce him to breathe out positive energy. Dragon must bring into the house money. An image or figure of a dragon in the house should not be too large. The dragon is well suited for people born in the year of Dragon or Tiger, but is incompatible with the house of people born in the Year of the Dog.

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