Japanese dragon

The Japanese dragon is the embodiment of god on earth who is not indifferent to people.
Externally, the Japanese dragon differs from the Vietnamese or Chinese that he is a few heads and tails, and only three claws on its feet.
The Japanese dragon with three claws is imperial and spiritual power.

dragon Japan

Japanese dragon images.

    In Japan, the dragon - the personification of the powerful divine forces, which can be both good and evil. People believe that dragons are fabulously rich and when to treat them politely and respectfully, they can thank the generous person.
Japanese dragons are also distinguished by the color of skin and symbolize:
Yellow Dragon - the center of the Earth.
Golden Dragon - wealth, wisdom, kindness.
The blue and green dragons - spring, good luck, good health.
Red - the storm, the south, summer, heart, fire activity, good luck.
Black Dragon - the storm northward, winter, revenge, anxiety.
White Dragon - fall, mourning, death.
Dragons in Japan believe the most potent and powerful beings on Earth after the gods. They are very beautiful and symbolize the vast knowledge, wisdom, wealth and water.
They are long and thin body without wings, a head like a horse with a huge mustache and no ears, with two horns. Dragons love to play with the clouds and cause showers and storms. They are rich and generous, but very rare like pearls.

    In Japanese mythology says that the dragon can be a carp, which will reach a huge waterfall in the mountains up the rivers.
In Japan, the dragon brings good luck and drives away the demons, he was a great patron and protector. Japan is decorated with waterfalls. Translated into Japanese word "waterfall" sounds like "yet", is meant by "water" and "dragon". Probably, a waterfall that fell from the mountains, reminded the Japanese dragon. In art, hair dryer - shui dragon is the protector of the East and the harmony of family relations.

Japan dragon

Japanese dragon pictures.

   The most powerful in Japan is the dragon - the god of the seas and oceans, who lives on the ocean floor in a beautiful palace. It can appear on earth in human guise. Children of the Dragon - beautiful blue eyed and long-haired young men and women possess magic. From the tail of another - vosmiglavogo dragon - there were three symbols of imperial power: the sword, mirror and jasper.
The image of a dragon in Japan are widely used in art, horoscopes and astronomy.